• Post last modified:2 January 2024

Diving Manta point

As you might think this site is famous for it's manta rays. And the name is well deserved, except a few days a year they're always here. It is not uncommon to see a dozen a dive. After a back roll entry, you'll  swim to the famous part of the dive. Here in shallow depth you can find a cleaning station. Wrasse stay around a big rock and wait for the  rays to pass by. Those gentle giants get their dead skin and parasites eaten and circle around.  Sometimes they even have to wait for their turn. If you prefer a  more quiet part of the dive you'll swim away from shore and around 20 meters, there you'll find another spot with many mantas. It' a perfect spot to take great pictures.

The landscape  is with white sand and big rocks. The visibility is not always the best and there is often surge. Be careful, the water can be  super cold don't forget your thick wetsuit.

This famous site is very nice dive for every level. No need to go deep, just follow your guide and you'll  be here for a treat.

Diving Manta point : Depth : 0 à 25 M/ Current : none to mid/ Difficulty : Easy/ Type : Boat dive

Diving Manta point