• Post last modified:30 December 2023

Diving Japanese wreck

Japanese Wreck is a site located in Banyuning a small village after Amed. If you already visited  the USAT Liberty in Tulamben you'll find this ship kind of small. But on this site it is everything else that is beautiful and it's not too crowded.

You enter the water by the beach and start with a gorgeous coral garden. Near the shore you'll reach the wreck that is about 20 meters long. Here you'll find numerous soft and hard corals as well as a large variety of wildlife. By going to the left you'll arrive on a black sand slope that easily goes down to 60 meters. You'll find many corals, gorgonians and rocks.

You will find many leaf fish, Bargibanti pygmy seahorse and plenty of other fish here.

Very nice dive but be careful, here the thermoclines can be surprising with temperature going down to 21 celsius and current that can be strong.

Diving Japanese wreck :Depth : 0 à 40+ M/ Current : low to strong/ Difficulty : For experienced divers/ Type : Shore dive

Diving Japanese wreck