Diving Jemeluk bay

  • Post last modified:1 January 2024

Diving Jemeluk bay

Depth : 0 à 32 m

Current : very low

Difficulty : very easy

Type : Shore dive

Diving Jemeluk bay

Diving Jemeluk bay

Located in the middle of Amed this bay is famous for its sunset but also for its dive site.

One of the best place to start a training or enjoy the underwater creatures.

A gentle sand slope with some nice surprises such as seasonal seahorses and resident scorpion, stone and clown fish.

Some concrete pyramids and tires as well as statues have been set in the water to help the juveniles to grow.

A little bit further we can reach a nice coral zone with gorgons, plataxes, frog and ghost pipe fish.

Deeper we can found the wreck of the Kuda Hitam about 30 meters under te sea level.