Diving Batu Niti

  • Post last modified:2 January 2024

Diving Batu Niti

Depth : 0 à 40 M

Current : low

Difficulty : Easy

Type : Shore muck dive

Diving Batu Niti

Diving Batu Niti

This site is next to the famous Seraya.

The path leading to it is kind of chaotic but the dive is worth the travel.

It starts with some black rocks scattered on the ground followed by a sand slope.

The volcanic stones made some canyons with the screes.

This macro dive is full of gorgeous surprises.

Coleman shrimps can be found here on their fire urchins as well as daffy duck shrimps, frog fish and many other species beloved by the photographers.

If you lift some rocks there is a nice chance to find some boxer crabs and a lot of other rare species.

Beautiful site if you like “muck” dive.