• Post last modified:30 December 2023

Diving Jalan Melasti

This dive is named after the road at the entrance of Amed that lead to it. It's  one of the best night dive, but you can also find many critters by day. You access it waking on black sand, so even at night it's very safe to  enter.

There are some rocks in the shallow part then a gentle black sand slope. Most of the dive is less than 15  meters depth. On moorings we can find a large number of skeleton shrimps of various colors. If you've ever walked on the moon you'll feel at home here. It's not really colorful but full of gems.

Here you can find many weird critters : Nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, frogfish and bobtail squid. This "muck" dive is for sure a highlight for macro critters lovers.

Depth : 0 à 30 M/ Current : low to mid/ Difficulty : easy/ Type : shore muck


Diving Jalan Melasti