Diving Manta point

Diving Manta point 

Depth : 0 à 25 M

Current : none to mid

Dificulty : Easy

Type : Boat dive

Diving Manta point

Diving Manta point

As you might think this site is famous for it’s manta rays.

And the name is well deserved, except a few week a year they’re always here.

It is not uncommon to see a dozen a dive.

You go in the water after the captain sees some mantas and after that the dive is made along the bay.

The rocks in shallow water offer a nice relief with some small canyons but a little deeper we arrive on a sank slope.

The dive being shallow allows the divers to stay longer.

It is not rare to see bamboo sharks and numerous colorful fish but the main attraction  is the manta cleaning station.

Very nice dive for every level.

Diving Jetty Candidasa Muck dive

Diving Jetty

Depth : 0 à 20 M

Current : None to very strong

Difficulté : facile

type : shore or boat muck dive

Diving Jetty

Diving Jetty :

Jetty is a site located between Candidasa and Padang Bay.

As you might think this  this site is on a jetty about 200 meters long and starts from the beach or by boat.

Don’t expect corals or drop offs here.

But the wildlife has some very nice surprises for people who like macro photography.

It is not uncommon to find half a dozen frog fish, hundreds of porcupine balloon fish, and plenty of leather jack trigger fish among many other species.

Even rarer, we can also find rhinopias of different colors and hairy frog fish.

Be careful the curent might be strong, look at the tide.