Diving Seraya secret Tulamben

Diving Seraya secret

Depth : 0 à 40 M

Current : Low to mid

Difficulty : Easy

Type : Muck

Diving Seraya secret


Diving Seraya secret

The dive is named after the beach where we start this beautiful muck dive.

It was used to be called Seraya Secret but the name shortened with the arrival of divers of all around the world.

A sand slope with peebles, rocks and corals.

Metal domes have been set to get more corals and protect juvenile and small fish.

Both sides of the dive offer an impressive diversity.

On this site we can admire plenty of species searched by underwater photographers.

Harlequin shrimps, tiger shrimps, boxer crabs, pikachu nudibranchs, frog fish, ghost pipe fish to name a few.

Cleaning stations allow the shrimps to clean the morays and other fish willing to get rid of their parasites.

With good eyes skeleton shrimps can also be seen.

As heaven of the macro this site is a must-do if you come with a underwater camera.