Diving with Plouf Diving : THE TEAM

Diving with Valentin, he is ready for you ...

diving with Valentin 

Jentol will find many critters for you but first of all he'll do ti with a smile . 


Komang brings us the light, that's a good boss !!!




And I am making bubbles!!!

Plouf Diving team is ready for you .

Whether you are beginner or confirmed we will accompany you in the best way.     

We accompany groups of 4 people maximum.

This is well below the standards and allows you to better enjoy diving with us .    

We listen to your desires and choose the best dive sites to satisfy you .     

Our guides and instructors have thousands of dives around Bali .



And of course SSI that allows us to certify our students by following probably the highest standards of scuba diving around the world.

All SSI training consist of:     

First of all theory sessions with your monitor.     

Personal studies thanks to the digital educational material of SSI     

Then exercise sessions in a confined environment     

Then open water dives

At the end of your training your ease and comfort will allow you to dive in the whole world.