Best dives in Bali

You can enjoy the magnificent biodiversity of small animals of Amed and Tulamben but also the manta and mola-molas rays of Nusa Penida. Come dive with us around the island of Bali, it's full of wonderful encounters. Here are some of the best dive sites in Bali.

Best dives in bali

Diving in Amed

  • The steep drop-offs offer us very colorful ballads with many hard and soft corals, as well as many multicolored fish. Most dives are done in jukung, a traditional Balinese boat.
  • We also have great dives for macro photography enthusiasts and you will discover a multitude of different species. Ghost pipefish, seahorses, rhinopias, and frogfish are just some of the critters you can see with us.

Diving Jemeluk bay

Diving Jemeluk bayDepth : 0 à 32 mCurrent : very lowDifficulty : very easyType : Shore dive Diving Jemeluk bayLocated in the middle of Amed this bay is famous for its sunset but also for its dive site.One of the best place to start a training or enjoy the underwater creatures.A gentle sand slope with some nice surprises such as seasonal […]

Diving Pyramid

Diving Pyramid

Diving Pyramid This dive site is named after the fifty pyramids that have been immersed on it. Very nice drift dive in which you can see a large number of underwater species. It starts by garden eels followed by multiple blue spotted stingrays, pygmy Bargibanti seahorses, leaf and frog fish and a large number of […]

Plongée Amed, Tulamben Bali

Diving Amed wall

Diving Amed wall This dive site is obviously named after the drop off located on the side of Jemeluk in Amed. This drop off quickly goes down to 50 meters or more and lets us admire beautiful gorgons as well as soft and hard corals. Schools of travelies can be seen as well as some […]

Diving bunutan

Diving Bunutan

Diving Bunutan This dive site is named after the village that edges Amed. Beautiful drift dive that can contain many gorgeous surprises. Depending on the tide the current can be very strong and allow the divers travel a long distance without doing too much effort. At the beginning of the dive we arrive on a […]

Diving Amed secret

Diving Amed secret This site lies in the middle of Amed at the mouth of a small river. The sediments discharged by the river in the rainy season have become the magic potion of many rare species. A few pebbles are scattered here and there in the shallows. Then a gentle slope of black sand […]

Diving Jalan Melasti

Diving Jalan Melasti This dive is named after the road at the entrance of Amed that lead to it. It’s  one of the best night dive, but you can also find many critters by day. You access it waking on black sand, so even at night it’s very safe to  enter. There are some rocks […]

Diving Gili Selang

Diving Gili Selang East Bali

Diving Gili Selang Gili Selang is the name of the island on the extreme est part of bali. The water entry is made near the island and amazes us from the very first minutes of the dive. The coral garden are gorgeous and full of life here. In the shallow zone we can enjoy the […]

Diving Japanese wreck

Diving Japanese wreck Japanese Wreck is a site located in Banyuning a small village after Amed. If you already visited  the USAT Liberty in Tulamben you’ll find this ship kind of small. But on this site it is everything else that is beautiful and it’s not too crowded. You enter the water by the beach […]

Scuba diving in Tulamben

  • The wreck of the USAT Liberty: Laying between 6 and 26 meters deep, surprises us every day. This carcass is 110 meters long and colonized by hard and soft corals. You will enjoy this shore dive without a doubt.
  • Muck dives : Sidem, Seraya Melasti and many more incredible dive sites. The black sand slopes are kryptonite for many weird critters. Seahorses, rhinopias, harlequin shrimp or frogfish are some of the residents of these sites.
Diving USAT Liberty

Diving USAT Liberty

Diving USAT Liberty The wreck of the USAT has a long story. This US Navy cargo ship has been torpedoed near Lombok in 1941 by the Japanese but was brought to Tulamben where it ran aground. In 1963 the eruption of the Agung volcano pushed the ship in the water. It was a blessing or […]

Diving Seraya secret

Diving Seraya secret Tulamben

Diving Seraya secret The dive is named after the beach where we start this beautiful muck dive.It used to be called Seraya Secret but the name shortened with the arrival of divers of all around the world. A sand slope with peebles, rocks and corals. Metal domes have been set to get more corals and […]

Diving Tulamben drop-off

Diving Tulamben Drop off

Diving Tulamben Drop off The Tulamben Drop off is reachable by the beach or by boat if you want a drift dive. This site is about 500 meter away from the Liberty wreck. The dive starts with a slope of black sand on which we can see nudibranchs and some cleaning stations where the numerous […]

Diving coral garden

Diving Coral Garden

Diving Coral Garden Tulamben Coral Garden is located not far of the USAT shipwreck. Some metallic structures have been set to  allow the juvenile fish and corals to grow. The relief is a gentle sand slope that goes down to about 40 meters alternating with some small rock valley. White tip sharks can often be […]

Candy crab

Diving Segara

Diving Segara Segara is a site located a few kilometers before Tulamben’s wreck if you come from Amed. The access is by the beach near an Hindu temple. On the left we can enjoy a nice drop off that easily goes down to 40 meters. On this side we can find seahorses, candy crabs and […]

Diving Batu Niti

Diving Batu NitiDepth : 0 à 40 MCurrent : lowDifficulty : EasyType : Shore muck dive Diving Batu NitiThis site is next to the famous Seraya.The path leading to it is kind of chaotic but the dive is worth the travel.It starts with some black rocks scattered on the ground followed by a sand slope.The […]

Diving Batu Kelebit

Diving Batu Kelebit This dive site is located a few kilometres after the Tulamben wreck. A gentle sand slope allows us to easily start the dive. After that comes a drop off that goes down to about 30 meters. The combination of those two landform allows us to see many underwater species. On the slope […]

Diving in the South of Bali

  • Nusa Penida is known around the world for its moon fish. They come shallower to get cleaned by bannerfish. But you will also find many manta rays and beautiful drop offs with countless corals.
  • Candidasa amazes us with its dives with small animals seahorses, toad fish and ghost fish will be waiting for you. If you like adrenaline dives, Mimpang and Tepekong are for you.

Diving Cristal bay

Diving Cristal bay This site is probably one of the most famous in Bali, thanks to it’s mola-molas that come up from the depths to get cleaned by bannerfish from July to October. Here the water is always very clear which brought the name Crystal Bay. Make sure to get an adequate wetsuit or you […]

Diving Manta point

Diving Manta point As you might think this site is famous for it’s manta rays. And the name is well deserved, except a few days a year they’re always here. It is not uncommon to see a dozen a dive. After a back roll entry, you’ll  swim to the famous part of the dive. Here […]

Diving Jetty Candidasa Muck dive

Diving Jetty Jetty is a site located between Candidasa and Padang Bay. As you might think this  this site is on a jetty about 200 meters long and starts from the beach or by boat. Don’t expect corals or drop offs here. But the wildlife has some very nice surprises for people who like macro […]

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Plouf Diving also organizes day trips :

Amed : Jemeluk , Pyramid, the wall of Amed, Bunutan , Amed secret , Jalan Melasti.

Tulamben : USAT Liberty , Tulamben Wall, coral garden , Seraya "secret" , Segara , niti Batu , Batu Kelebit.

Banyuning : Wreck Japanese , Gili Selang.

Padang Bay : Tepekong , Blue lagoon , Jetty.

We can also organize diving safaris on more remote sites : Menjangan, Nusa Penida